InPrint Interviews Chirs Brett

InPrint: Chris Brett is a fantastic Illustrator from Vancouver. Inspired by
Dr Seuss and Tim Burton. His work is quite unique, colorful and fun with a touch
of dark humor!. Let's have a chat with him!

InPrint:Tell us where you are from and when you started as an illustrator

I'm from all over the place really, but at the moment I currently reside in
Vancouver BC. I got started in illustration when I was a kid. Like most
other kids I used to draw super heroes and villains, futuristic cars, and monsters
of all sorts. When I was about 15 I started getting into graffiti, after a few years of
that, i went to collage for psychology and after about a year decided that all I wanted to do
was draw and paint, so I decided to make a run at the illustration world..

InPrint: I see your illustrations are quite unique. Where your inspiration comes from?

Sometime I'm not really sure where my inspirations come from for an idea. I have a lot of influences from Dr. Seuss to Tim Burton to 1930's Surrealist painters to Cartoons. I think in the mish mash of everyday life where I unconsciously take things in, it goes through the creative blender and spits itself out as a new wacky idea or character for a painting. Other artists I've grown up on also inspire me to tap into that child-like wackiness and freedom of expressing myself in whatever way feels good to me.

InPrint: Are you very critical when it comes to your own art?and how you deal with criticism yourself?

I am super critical of my artwork. I hate most of my paintings up until the last hour of working on them. I'll be really happy with the new piece, sit back and admire what I created, but that soon fades into "how could this be better?", "What should i do better next time?" 

InPrint: What did I learn during this painting?

Its obviously easier dealing with my own criticism versus that of someone else, depending on their intentions. If they are there to generally help, offer advice and want you to succeed, then I am all ears and will take whatever they have to say into consideration if it strikes a cord with me. If people offer criticism that is trying to bring me down or insult me, then I just brush those sad little people off as these little blips of negative energy. If they have nothing to contribute to better me or themselves as artists then I don't really care..

InPrint: Do you always listen to and take into consideration what the audience say about your work?

Yes and No, I create work that i want to see, and in return I hope people have similar sensibilities and tastes as I do. Its perhaps selfish in a sense, but I'm just a regular dude for the most part and I feel that my work is able to reach my peers in a way that they can appreciate..

InPrint: What have you been working on recently? any up and coming exhibition / event we should keep our eyes on?

Lately I've been working on a new series of paintings that is a bit of a different approach then most of my work to date. Its a new twist on things and i hope to have a good body of work in this new style by summers end. I've taken some time off from doing gallery shows lately to focus more on private sales and expanding my body of work. I have a couple group shows at the end of the summer, but at the moment its all about creating.

InPrint: Did you go to school for arts or are you self taught?

Yes, I went to Sheridan College in Ontario for an Applied Arts degree in Interpretive Illustration.

InPrint: Would you have any piece of advice for other illustrators out there?

Draw & Paint alot, then do it some more, then when you think you've done enough, do alot more.

InPrint: Where can we find out more about you?

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